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Flickr Search

About Me

Hello! My name is Mike and I am a Software Developer living in the Edmonton, AB area. I graduated from the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology - Computer Systems Technology program in 2001. Since then I have worked in the areas of Network Administration, technical support and custom application support. During my time in the industry, I always had a deep interest in programming particularly with the .NET technologies. Given my desire to become better at programming, I took part in the TechCareers Certification program offered through SAIT. Through this, I have become familiar with many technologies including HTML, CSS, Python, C#, ASP.NET, PHP and SQL. Understanding that programming involves life long learning, I am frequently looking for ways to improve my knowledge using great learning sites such as, and YouTube.

When I'm not working on learning more programming technologies, I can be found working on my model train layout, working on puzzles or having fun playing around with Arduino and if it's raining outside I like travelling to interesting places with lots of sunshine.


This is an application I worked on after learning ASP.NET MVC on Udemy, it was based on a spec that I got from a friend who attended a programming course at NAIT. This application utilizes jQuery with Ajax on the client side to build a single form application using partial views. Other technologies used in this project include the Datatable plugin and the jQuery validation bootstrap tooltip plugin. Click the image below to try it out.


Flickr Image Search

This is a simple web page that searches Flickr for images. The page has been built using the Flickr API and templating with Handlebars. Click the image below to try it out.

Flickr Search